Our Values

Our Values

If you’re considering joining us, it helps to know who we are and what we value. We’re proud of our culture, and it’s guided by a
strong set of values and principles, rooted in being 

hungry, humble and smart.

These values guide how we interact both internally and with customers and external partners.


We are hungry to learn and grow. We have passion for hard work

Customer Focused

Show up. Work hard. Serve others.
We service customers the best we can, coaching them to success. The customer is the final judge.
We reward hard work and good listening with advancement and earnings.


We are humble but confident

Put others first

It’s not about us.” We put our customers’ needs and team goals above our own.

We’re self-assured and down to earth, not requiring all the attention. We practice whole-hearted living.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re eager to find them. We’re not perfect, but we get better every day.


We emphasize effective communication for good team relationships

Be Empathetic

Each day, we strive to be empathetic to each person’s viewpoint and experiences, regardless of their title/position.

“You are heard” at Gardens Alive.

Understand, listen to and care for others. We want others to safely and respectfully share how they are feeling to help solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Win Through Teamwork

Trust, support and respect each other like family. 

We’re in it together, working towards the same goal and solving problems as a team.

We work together for our customers and all can take pride in the success!

Be Honest & Accountable

Be yourself. Own the work.

We’re straight-forward, genuine and real. We do this out of our respect for each other. 

We’re open to listen and expect honesty, an effort to get better and responsibility for actions.

Build Relationships
& Friendships

We develop mutually satisfying, meaningful and close relationships built on TRUST. 

We believe good communication and leadership are key ingredients to strong teamwork between and across departments.

We assume positive intent.

Innovate for Success

We strive to make our solutions better for our customers, coworkers and the planet. 

Pioneers in organic gardening,
we are proud of our environmentally friendly solutions.

 Innovative R&D is at the core of our identity and story from
the beginning.

Brighten the Day One Step at a Time

Give what matters. Share compassion with others. 

We celebrate that our solutions make people smile and create beauty and traditions meant
to be shared. 

 We bring love and caring to our work in every step of the process for all to enjoy.

Be Agile, Self-Aware & Coachable

We are willing to wear multiple hats, aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

We are willing to learn new roles and adapt to work-related preferences.

We are coachable. We develop and learn as leaders, workers and people.

Work Together with Friendly Faces