Our Story

Our Story


Sharing Delightful Moments, Beauty and Nourishment with Millions

Gardens Alive! has blossomed into a family of brands providing home gardeners, landscapers and independent growers with effective, environmentally responsible solutions. WE ARE MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE with many ways to brighten the day. Bolstering confidence, we are caring partners in gardening, lawn care, landscaping, nature-inspired gift giving, home improvement and everyday living needs. We offer a comprehensive line of fertilizers, pest and disease control products, seeds, perennials, bulbs, nursery stock, gifts, games and more. Certainly, we are proud of our VARIETY of products and lines of products, our continuing R&D LEADERSHIP and our way of helping and CARING for others, empowering the gardener and delighting the senses for many.  

At the end of the day, we provide JOY to millions of others, nourishing healthy and beautiful plants for homes, landscapes and gardens, healthier lifestyles and memorable gifts to neighbors and friends. We help warm up your home and bring family traditions to life!

We’re dedicated to developing and sourcing unique, quality, organic products that offer convenience and value, while providing friendly and accessible customer service—before, during and after the sale. Our horticultural teams seek out environmentally sound products that can’t be found elsewhere. And we only sell products that we believe in. We’re discovering new ways to leverage e-commerce strategies to provide maximum value, in both products and education, to our customers.

Niles Kinerk – “Razzmatazz” Grape

Family of Brands

Our family of brands includes Breck’s, Breck’s Gifts, Gurney’s, K. van Bourgondien, Michigan Bulb Company, Spring Hill Nurseries, Bits & Pieces, Spilsbury, Weeks Roses, Iseli Nursery and, of course, Gardens Alive! Our brands vary in product line, but all share a common goal: to deliver products we are passionate about. 

We take that “family and team” concept to work with us each day. When you come to work, you can be sure that you are valued—while you add value! Everyone is treated with honesty. We listen to your needs, are flexible and are proud to offer coaching, professional development and growth opportunities in a comfortable environment where you can be yourself, be heard and make an impact adding beauty to gardens, yards and landscapes throughout the U.S. (and beyond).

The Journey

Gardens Alive! began in the kitchen and garage of our founder and chairman, Niles Kinerk. Having grown up on a farm in 1950s rural Indiana, Niles has loved gardening since his childhood. In the 1970s, he became increasingly aware of the hazards of chemical-based agriculture and began experimenting with new organic techniques. 

He soon realized many other gardeners in the U.S. also craved natural, environmentally responsible products. In 1984, Kinerk combined his passion for organic gardening with his years of experience in the direct mail industry. He launched the Natural Gardening Research Center, with an initial focus on natural pest control solutions.  

In 1989, we changed the company’s name to Gardens Alive! (Try saying “Natural Gardening Research Center” three times fast.) We’ve continued to provide gardeners with environmentally friendly products, but we’ve also expanded into new product lines like gifts, home improvement and everyday living. We’ve accepted the challenges and opportunities that come with growing and expanding our company and are excited to shape the future, sharing our passion and the beauty with millions more. 


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